SEC Tournament: What's In It For Cats?

SEC Tournament: What's In It For Cats?

Cal not a fan of postseason conference tourneys.
The SEC tournament starts Wednesday night, but the Cats don't play the winner of the 7-10 match-up, either LSU or Alabama (which play Thursday night), until Friday evening.

It's a tournament Coach Cal doesn't see a whole lot of value in winning.

This season though, it is a big opportunity for the Cats to get their mojo and swagger back before the NCAA tournament.  But other than that, Cal doesn't see much of a plus side to this week in Atlanta like many other teams may see or need.

For the Cats, there's little chance they drastically improve their NCAA seeding, and little chance they hurt it really.  So what's in it for UK and the other teams this week at the Georgia Dome?

Cal's take in the video.

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