Randle Ready To Play With Kobe?

Randle Ready To Play With Kobe?

Can former Wildcat play with childhood idol?
Julius Randle was picked 7th overall in last night's NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers.

The former Wildcat is headed out west to the land of sunshine except sometimes.

Good news for Randle who already wore the Lakers practice gear during a workout a few weeks back though as ex-UK star Jodie Meeks is still out there.

For how long Meeks will indeed be there, we're still not sure.

But as Meeks knows, and Randle will soon find out, there's another guy in town that isn't always easy to get along with even if he is your childhood idol.  That guy, is Kobe Bryant.

Check out the video to hear Randle's take on playing with the star Laker.

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