Randle Ready For The NBA

Randle Ready For The NBA

Not an easy decision, but one that was right for Randle was made today in Lexington.
Julius Randle is moving on.

Time to succeed and proceed as the freshman phenom makes it official; he's entering the NBA draft.

A tough decision actually.  Randle says he came to UK to win a national title, and despite coming up just short with his Cats, he knows the time to strike is while the iron is hot and that means Randle's one and done in Lexington.

Time to take his skill-set to the next level and continue to improve and grow over the next few months as a projected top five pick by major draft services.

Randle thinks he's ready and apparently NBA teams think he's ready too.

Hear from the star UK product and Randle's mother, Carolyn Kyles, in the video.

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