Randle All Smiles As He Preps For Pros

Randle All Smiles As He Preps For Pros

Staying in his own bubble helped Randle block out the naysayers.
What a happy day for Julius Randle, his family and friends.

A great day to be a Solid Blue fan as yet another guy reaches toward a dream he's had since he was a little kid watching the NBA playoffs.

It was time for Randle to decide and he did.

The freshman forward choosing to enter the NBA draft and turn pro, foregoing his sophomore season of college, to head to the league.

All smiles with the family as you can see in the attached video.

And why not?  Randle's projected as a top five pick this summer.

He's fought the naysayers and smiling was a big part of helping him do that.

But it's all a little cloudy though for mother Carolyn Kyles.  Just a blur of time from Julius the boy to Julius the man turning pro.

Hear from son and mom in the video.
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