Put The Blame on Cal

Put The Blame on Cal

Coach taking ownership and responsibility for team's lackluster play.
After a lackluster loss to South Carolina, Solid blue fans want to know who is to blame.  Right alongside the players, it all starts at the top.

Put the blame on Cal.  It's his fault.  That's what he admitted today.

It's not on the kids.  Despite shooting just 27 percent from the field and missing countless bunnies by the basket, it's on Cal.

And while he's mentioned he's been coaching too much this season, it appears it may not have been enough.  But Cal's willing to do whatever this team needs him to do in order to finally transform into a player driven team.

Because Cal didn't get tossed in Columbia on purpose.  He's not washing his hands of this young bunch.  Cal's trying to show them they can do it without him, as they almost did under assistant John Robic's guidance.  And that's what Cal wants.

Hear from Cal in the video.

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