New UK Deal w/ JMI Not Impacting Rupp Arena...Yet

New UK Deal w/ JMI Not Impacting Rupp Arena...Yet

UK AD says new deal not centered on talks about Rupp Arena, but program as whole.
The new media rights deal UK Athletics announced this morning with new partner JMI is worth $210 million over the next 15 years...but there's a little something extra that makes the deal even better for the Cats.

Roughly $30 million will be handed over to UK by JMI as a signing bonus over the next two years.

That up-front capital will really come in handy when it's time to build a new baseball stadium, ideally over by the UK softball / soccer well as add in wifi at Commonwealth Stadium, a new video board at memorial coliseum and help alleviate annual upkeep costs as well.

And while Solid Blue fans may not immediately see an impact in JMI's new media rights partnership, it will certainly help change and update the program as a whole heading into the future...but what about say that whole Rupp Arena renovation deal?  Is that in the cards again soon?

"You know, I don't want to get -- this is not about the Rupp Arena piece," UK AD Mitch Barnhart said.

"This is about our sustainability and making sure that operationally and resource-wise we have the ability to look to the future and keep our program where we are competitively, where we are academically, what our kids are doing away from the game.  So I don't want to cloud the issues here.  This is not about that. This is about how we best serve the Big Blue Nation."
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