NFL A Reality For Former Cats?

NFL A Reality For Former Cats?

UK might not have had a great season, but some talented guys might have shot at future in league.
It was a rough season for Solid Blue fans on the football field as Joker Phillips' Wildcats were dismantled on multiple occasions.

But there's still s few guys with talent hoping to make it to the next level.

27 scouts in all, representing 25 NFL teams, the CFL and a scouting service were on hand at Nutter Indoor earlier this morning to see the best from some senior Cats.

Most notably, Larry Warford, who could go as high as the second round according to scouts and projections.

Co'shik Williams racked up 20 reps on the bench press...and even Morgan Newton, coming off his shoulder rehab, got back into throwing balls.

So just what do these guys expect after a day of eyes evaluating every step?

Check out the video for more.

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