NCAA Nixes Cal's Fund Idea

NCAA Nixes Cal's Fund Idea

Coach wanted to set up scholarship fund for former players' kids, but can't due to recruiting guidelines.
Coach Cal said today, while promoting his new book, he wanted to set up a fund for his former players to send their kids to college.

A scholarship fund so to speak.  But such a fund cannot be set up due to NCAA guidelines on recruiting, extra benefits and the like.

Which of course led Cal to tear into the governing body per the usual on just how backward it is and has become.

Just moments after saying he has no ax to grind with the NCAA, the same organization which allowed Cal to attend Clarion for four years and get his degree while playing and learning the game of basketball, Cal tore it to pieces.

It's just time to change and allow coaches and programs to help change lives of those they serve in Cal's mind.

More in the video from Cal on the fund.

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