Meet The GA's: Max Drisko No Stranger To Staff In Lexington

Meet The GA's: Max Drisko No Stranger To Staff In Lexington

Former high school QB from North Carolina helping the Cats get better every day.
We hear a lot about the quarterback battle for the football Cats.

We hear a lot from head coach Mark Stoops, the coordinators, players and even the position coaches.

But we rarely hear from a very needed group of guys who keep the program churning.

A group of guys that work long hours for next to nothing and often just have experience to show for their time.

Wins are the barometer for many Solid Blue fans on the team's effort and work ethic, but win or lose, this group is definitely giving it everything they have.

So we start our introductions to the UK grad assistants tonight with a look at Max Drisko.  A guy who was at UK last year but is now entering his first season as a GA here in 2014, but he's no stranger to the offense.

Drisko spent 2010-2013 under Neal Brown, Chad Scott and Tommy Mainord at Texas Tech.  He was an integral part in helping the Red Raiders fine tune a high-powered offense.  Now he's in Lexington, hoping to one day be a head coach.

But right now, he's just listening, paying attention to the details and soaking up everything he can.  Taking note of the drink of choice for his bosses is also a daily detail Drisko has down as well. 

Neal Brown's favorite beverage?  Good ole water. 

Mainord?  A coffee man.

As for coach Scott, he's a little more particular.  Coke in a can but the rim has to be cleaned off before he'll take a sip.

More with Max, Mainord and Scott in the video.

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