Meeks In Class Just Like Any Other Student

Meeks In Class Just Like Any Other Student

Classmates often shocked to see Jodie during summer sessions.
Former basketball Cat Jodie Meeks is graduating from UK after finishing up his final class this summer.

The Lakers guard is back in town to participate in graduation ceremonies on Saturday.  He'll be getting his business marketing degree.

Meeks was and is a Solid Blue fan favorite.  So what's it like being back in class these days as an NBA star averaging 16 points a game in the league and making millions of dollars?

Does Meeks get recognized easily or does it take a while?

"No, they usually recognize me right off the bat and look at me like, what am I doing here? I just look at them the same way. It’s always fun, it’s always fun seeing people’s reactions and, you know, I’m a regular person just like them so when I’m trying to get my degree I just ask them, what are you doing here? I’m doing the same thing.”

More in the video.

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