How Hood Got In Against Miss State

How Hood Got In Against Miss State

Cal was thinking Derek Willis, but switched to Hood after second guessing.
Jon Hood saw 13 minutes of action down in Starkville over the weekend in the basketball Cats 69-59 win over Mississippi State at the Hump.

Hood's really the elder statesman in Lexington.  The only guy who has seen it all since Cal's first season when he came in alongside John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and company.

Hood's the one guy who Cal said really helped pace the team on Saturday along with Jarrod Polson.

It's funny how he even got in too.

As Derek Willis was Cal's first choice, he second guessed it when he saw Hood lean back in his seat, that's when Cal told Hood, he was in.

Hear from Cal in the video.

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