Harrow Not Touching Enough

Harrow Not Touching Enough

Cal needs more aggressiveness from young guard.
The basketball Cats pulled away from South Carolina for a 22-point win on Tuesday night.  Showing they do have the ability and capability of putting teams away when their opponents try and make a late run.

Numbers-wise, guard Ryan Harrow looked good.  12 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds and just one turnover in 25 minutes of action.  Not to mention a great steal and score sequence you can see in the attached video.

But as we all know, that doesn't mean he had a good night in the eyes of Coach Cal.

In fact, Harrow's not even close to being a great point guard...an elite guard, because he's not touching his teammates enough according to Cal.

Harrow isn't talking enough.  in general, he's not being aggressive like the top NBA guards are night-in and night-out.  Which means Harrow still needs to improve.

Check out Cal's take in the video.

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