Faried On Duncan & Garnett

Faried On Duncan & Garnett

Former Morehead State Eagle talks playing against Tim Duncan and telling KG how much he looks up to him.
Former Morehead State Eagle standout and current Denver Nugget star Kenneth Faried was back at MSU today for day one of his summer basketball camp.

The NCAA's all-time rebound leader said the hardest player he's gone against in the pros has been Tim Duncan...partially because the Wake Forest product understands the game so well and respects it...and partially because he is now second on the NCAA's rebound list behind Faried.

While getting boards against the bank-shot master is the toughest match-up for Faried, Kevin Garnett presents a different challenge.

That's because Faried looked up to Garnett growing up and couldn't help but tell the current Celtic just how much he thought of him last season on the court.

Check out the video to hear Faried's on both guys.

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