D-League Helped D-Mill

D-League Helped D-Mill

Former Cat says he's still learning and didn't mind pushing himself in NBA minor league.
Darius Miller was drafted by New Orleans last summer in the second round.

He spent some time with the Hornets, but also a few trips to the D-league where the former Cat says he got better.

That's right.  The same guy who stayed at Kentucky for four years and got his degree was okay with being in the developmental process.  In fact, he still is...and that's a good thing.

Instead of sitting the bench or just getting work in practice, Miller was able to compete against other high-caliber players on the floor...in real games.

Every guy vying for a job in the NBA put Miller in a better position for his sophomore campaign.

Hear from the Maysville native on his rookie season in the video.

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