Communication Still Key

Communication Still Key

Cal says guys still aren't talking enough.
'Camp Cal' is in full swing and the Cats are learning to communicate better with one another in addition to getting up to speed on their conditioning.

But Cal's still not pleased with the team's communication level.

“It’s not good. I’ve had other teams that weren’t good, but they got better. This team, they’ve got to understand they need each other. It’s a form of selfishness when you don’t talk, you’re worried about you.  You’re worried about how you feel and you don’t understand the impact that has on your teammates. If
you’re really into what they are doing and there with your whole thought about helping your team, you talk a lot. If you’re not into that thought, you’re only into how you feel or what you look like, you don’t talk. A lot of times a player will think, ‘well I pass the ball, I’m not selfish.’ Yeah, but you don’t speak, you’re not doing anything to help your teammates. You’re only worried about how you’re playing so that’s what we’ve been addressing and they’ve gotten better.”

So how does Cal address his team's talking problem?

“Real simple. ‘Were you not talking?’ Everybody on the baseline. ‘You didn’t talk again?’ Alright, on the baseline. ‘But I’m on the other team?’ It doesn’t matter what team he’s on, if he doesn’t talk, we’re running. ‘But I’m on the other team.’ Doesn’t matter, not going to talk over there, we’re going to run. It doesn’t matter
what team he’s on. Now if he’s in the game doing this, I’ll take him out but that’s not solving the issue here. Say something to him. I’m trying to do some things to empower them a little bit, if they defend and rebound and steal or block, what goes on offensively because at some point this has to be their team. We’re trying
to do some of that. The biggest thing is just compete, battle and we’re all going to see it. There is no question, everybody is watching, is the guy really battling and diving and competing or is his head down and does he act sad and tired. It’s not just one guy now; it’s a bunch of guys. Hopefully we’re breaking through. I’ve been pleased with what we’ve been doing though. We’ve been going early in the morning and ending at dinner time so it’s like they’re putting in a full day.”

Check out the attached video for more from Coach Cal on the team's communication skills and Julius Mays' take on how the Cats are doing with 'Camp Cal.'
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