Cats Too Selfish to Improve?

Cats Too Selfish to Improve?

Cal thinks his team needs to truly come together instead of just acting fake.
Coach Cal is having trouble getting his Cats to talk.  Communication has been an issue all season.

Part of the reason the team isn't listening and communicating on the court could be attributed to what Cal says is selfish play.

Despite the Cats ranking 25th in the nation in assists per game and obviously taking good shots based on their field goal percentage ranking 11th in the nation, Cal isn't pleased.

And as Solid Blue fans know, that means change is on the horizon for UK.

Because when Cal's world is rocky...the Cats just 7-3this season...having already lost one more game this year than all of last season, things are sure to improve.

Check out the video to hear from Cal on his 'selfish' Cats.
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