Can Cal Survive One-And-Done Droughts?

Can Cal Survive One-And-Done Droughts?

This year's UK men's hoops team is stacked with tons of talent, but what about another team like two years ago? Can Cal go through that again?
The one-and-done debate has gone on for years.  Coach Cal, since his arrival in Lexington...and even before, has always stated "it's not my rule."  Cal, of course, would love to keep kids for his personal benefit that are extremely talented athletes.

He'd love to develop guys like John Wall, Brandon Knight and the like, but it's just not in teh cards with the current rule.

As far as this year's team goes, the Cats are stacked, but remember back just two seasons ago.  Remember a lack of depth on the bench left Kentucky reeling late in the year.

Can Cal keep doing one-and-done's if there's a drought like a few years back again?

That answer from Cal in the video.
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