Cal's Take & Role In Rupp Renovations

Cal's Take & Role In Rupp Renovations

UK head coach says he isn't involved with the plans and likes it that way.
Big plans in store for Rupp Arena and downtown Lexington if a detailed financial plan can get worked out.  Where the money comes from for an overhaul estimated at $310 million is the big question left unanswered today.

But it's something Solid Blue fans sure hope gets done by the target date of 2017.

A new Rupp for Coach Cal and his Cats would certainly make it the gold standard once again of college basketball in terms of facilities from top to bottom.

If you ask the players and Cal though, they don't notice some of the things fans are missing out on.

Its great for them and recruits with new locker rooms, amenities and showers.

And that's the main focus for Cal.

Coach doesn't seem to be very involved with the renovation talks...and he likes it that way.  Hear his take in the video.
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