Cal's Staying Mum On Rupp Arena Talks

Cal's Staying Mum On Rupp Arena Talks

Coach Cal still formulating opinion on where Cats should play moving forward.
The basketball Cats have been in Rupp Arena since 1976.

UK has won roughly 90 percent of the games played there over the last 38 years.

A lot of talk and money has been spent on what to do with the historic facility and where the Cats should play moving forward...but we're back to square one on that front.

As far as what Coach Cal's latest thoughts are...the master of marketing has opted to bite his tongue, at least for now, until he figures out exactly what he thinks on the subject.

"I haven't uh. Really I wasn't in town with all the stuff and really haven't read anything and I kinda got a little overview from Dewayne (Deputy Director of Athletics). Um, but you know like I said, I just hope everybody gets together and does what's right for the city and the university."

Check out more in the video.

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