California Chrome "America's Horse"

California Chrome "America's Horse"

Derby and Preakness winner can wear nasal strips in June 7th Belmont Stakes for chance at Triple Crown.
It hasn't been done in 36 years and there was a brief moment where some thought it would be at least 37.

Derby and Preakness winner California Chrome wore nasal strips during his last six victories, but the New York Racing Association had banned them in the past.

That's of course where the Belmont Stakes will run in June.

But that brief moment of wondering was quickly put to rest today when the racing stewards said the strips could be worn in next month's final leg of the Triple Crown.

A 1 1/2 separates the cheaply, California-bred horse from racing immortality.

As after the Derby, co-owner Steve Coburn says this whole ride, is a story for the little guy.

More on "America's horse" in the video.

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