Cal OK With Being Hated By Some

Cal OK With Being Hated By Some

Often vocal UK head coach still pushing players first despite backlash.
Coach Cal is often seen by Solid Blue fans as the face of college basketball.

A ridiculous 80 plus percent win percentage at Kentucky and a masterful hand on'd be hard-pressed to find someone with more pull and influence as a collegiate head coach.

But there's a lot of folks who don't like Cal.

They don't like how vocal he is about the separation of conferences from the NCAA and especially don't like his players first approach to the game.

But Cal's ok with being disliked, even hated, as long as his process and strategy continues to produce pros and change lives, he's all good.

Which is why he said this (in the video) yesterday on ESPN's "First Take" about players, like Northwestern's for example, wanting to unionize.

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