Cal Encourages Cats To Come Back

Cal Encourages Cats To Come Back

Plays system as best he can, but does it all with kids in mind.
Cal calls everything that is UK basketball the Kentucky effect.

It's more than just what happens on the court.

A lot has changed since Coach Cal arrived a few years back.

Take the 'players first' mentality approach for example.

Some guys are in Lexington for one year: John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis and MKG...others like Darius Miller stay all four seasons and get their degree.

It's just the system.  A system Cal says he plays the best he can and keeps the kids in mind.  Win or lose.

It's what's best for them.  But that doesn't necessarily mean Cal likes it.

"If anybody thinks this is easy, we’ve got a lot of coaches that have taken players that are elite players and it hadn’t worked out because it’s hard. What we do here is hard. It’s not the normal thing that goes on. Do I like it? No. Do I wish kids would stay two or three years? Absolutely. I’m still trying to do things to get that rule changed so that we at least encourage them to stay two years by doing things that make it possible for them to stay two years or three."

More from Coach in the video.

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