Cal Doesn't Care About Players Only Meeting

Cal Doesn't Care About Players Only Meeting

Coach just wants results on the court come Saturday at Missouri.
The basketball Cats are always young these days and always trying new things to come together every season.  Last year...lots of gimmicks.

Everyone remembers dodge ball...the heart monitors...and more.

Cal's joked this season that his team started hitting more free throws after time in the pool with water hoops.  Which of course never happened.

All joking aside, the one man who has started to take hold of this year's group is the most unlikely considering his demeanor last season.

Sophomore forward Alex Poythress has morphed into not only a better basketball player, he's becoming a leader on and off the court.

Poythress called a players only meeting after the loss to LSU on Tuesday...but Cal doesn't even care.  He just wants better play on Saturday.

Hear from Cal in the video pre-Missouri.

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