Brown's In-State Recruiting Pitch

Brown's In-State Recruiting Pitch

Kentucky native pitches being a hero to top in-state talent.
Neal Brown describes himself as an average player.

His college career wasn't all that grand, but it's made him a better coach.

And as an in-state guy who has made good on his career, he's pitching success to potential in-state targets.

“Come be a hero. You look at the guys that play well at the University of Kentucky that are homegrown products. They come back here to live, and they have good lives. Some of the guys that have gone on at other places, they come back home and the name recognition and notoriety is not the same. The other thing is, if you build this football program, if you’re a Tim Couch, an Andre Woodson, if you’re those types of kids, and those are just quarterbacks. I can go into position players too. And you’re at a place where you have a personal investment, where you grew up a fan.  Because we all know in here that most kids in this state grow up to be Kentucky fans. They wear blue from an early age. I was one of them. I can tell you that. If you can do that at the state school, then it’s going to be a special thing. And to do it, there’s a good opportunity that you’re going to stay employed for a long time here.”

Hear from Brown in the attached video.
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