Brotherhood of Obligation

Brotherhood of Obligation

Former Cats like to help out future UK guys. Pride and tradition on the line.
The Kentucky Effect is something John Calipari instilled in all Solid Blue fans over the past few seasons.

It applies to everything, both on and off the court, that is UK basketball.

Including the brotherhood bound by pride and tradition.

Being a Wildcat means other folks like to see you in the future.

That's why no matter what year you played, or where you're from, if you wore the blue and white, you come back.

Whether it was just a season before the pros or four years and a degree, being a Cat in Lexington means getting the hate from teammates and coworkers in the league...or in the office.

“Well they’re probably going to get on these guys; they don’t want to go through what last year meant to them. You have to understand, in the NBA or in the workplaces, everyone knows they went to Kentucky or played at Kentucky. Everyone knows. Everyone in the building is hoping Kentucky loses so they can go up to that guy and say, ‘how your boys doing? What you think is going to happen next?’ Those guys want none of that so they’re going to come back and probably challenge these guys. You have an obligation, the history and tradition of this place, understand what it means. And that will be great for our guys coming back. "

That's why the former Cats like doing something about it.

And by making the next group of guys better, they can hang their hat higher at night.

Hear from Cal in the video.

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