Broncos Can Buck Cats If UK's Not Careful

Broncos Can Buck Cats If UK's Not Careful

Boise State looking to prove itself to nation.
It's not the gauntlet exactly, but the basketball Cats have some stout competition in the month of December.

It started with Providence, then Baylor, now Boise State tonight at 9, with UNC, Belmont and Louisville to follow.

Sure the Broncos haven't played any big names, but they are undefeated at 8-0 and score more points per game than any other team in the nation...92 points per night.

Boise got in early this morning...after 1 a.m., after being stuck in Chicago.  The Broncos hopped on a bus to Lexington and missed their final practice time on Monday...when they were scheduled to arrive at 3:30 ET.

They've never played in front of more than 17-thousand fans at any venue either.

But do you think Cal is telling his Cats any of that? 

Hear from Cal in the video.

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