Benefit Of Individual Workouts, Change

Benefit Of Individual Workouts, Change

Cal wants guys to get better, but what if he takes a hands-off approach?
John Calipari is working with Alex Poythress one-on-one in hopes of improving the freshman forward's game.

After all, it did work for Ryan Harrow, at least so far.

In addition to getting rid of 'old' Harrow and bringing out the best in the sophomore point guard, freshman center Nerlens Noel has been working to improve his game dramatically on his own...getting in extra shooting before games.

So what's the benefit of working with guys on an individual basis when you"re the head coach?

And with the goal of change in mind, what happens if players don't respond to the personal treatment? 

What happens if Coach Cal takes a hands-off approach and lets his guys stay the way they are when they show up to the Joe Craft Center for the first time in Lexington? 

What happens, as Cal puts it, if his job doesn't change every year?  And would he like to get to that point?
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