Daughter Testifies in Father's High-Profile Murder Trial

Daughter Testifies in Father's High-Profile Murder Trial

A 14-year old girl is called to testify in her dad's high-profile murder trial.
A 14-year old girl was called to testify Tuesday in her dad's high-profile murder trial in Lexington.

Almira Southworth told the jury about the morning in June of 2010 when she realized her mom Umi had disappeared.

Almira's father Donald Southworth is accused in the beating death of Umi.

The teen was on the stand for about an hour and a half.

She told jurors her parents were planning to divorce when her mom was killed.

Umi and Almira were in he process of moving to Nashville to pursue Almira's singing career.

Prosecutors say Umi was fearful of Donald as she planned to leave him.

Almira said her mom was very close with musician- producer John DeGrazio, but she did not believe the two were romantically involved.

DeGrazio later testified that there was nothing inappropriate about his relationship with Umi.

He said Umi would text him frequently and that he provided detectives with copies of their correspondence.

DeGrazio also says Donald called him during the day on June 9, 2010 but he missed the call and did not try to contact Donald.

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