2014 36 Blitz: Madison Southern Eagles

2014 36 Blitz: Madison Southern Eagles

Top running back in the country brings both good and bad to Berea...but the Eagles are standing strong together with common bond.
Damien Harris is humble.  It's hard to deal with all the attention he gets, but he's able to block it out for the most part.

His teammates have no problem with the star status of their stud senior back.  The Eagles know it's better to have a guy like Harris playing well, than playing bad, if they want to make a trip to Bowling Green this season.

And while many may say Harris is all Southern has, head coach Jon Clark knows he has some guys who fly under the radar thanks to all the attention on No. 34.

Harris has sat down with the team leaders and coaches and apologized for the pedestal he's been put on by those outside the program.  In his mind, he's no better than any other player on the team giving it his all every day at practice.

The quest for a state championship...one that started four seasons ago when Clark arrived, is almost over for Harris and his fellow seniors.  A group bonded together in part by Clark's leadership program instilled upon the team from day one of his tenure.

2-8, 7-5, 10-2.  Those are the records at Southern the past three seasons.  The first three chapters under Clark for the eldest Eagles in Berea.

For the first page of the final chapter in the senior Eagles' books, check out the 2014 preview in the video.
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