UK Bred Horse Ran In Bluegrass Sweeps

UK Bred Horse Ran In Bluegrass Sweeps

A UK bred horse ran in the Keeneland Spring Meet's $750,000 race.
Kelsey Peterson may just be an undergraduate at the University of Kentucky. But, she’s already worked with a horse that raced in the Keeneland Spring Meet’s top-dollar race.

“A sense of pride. You know you bred that horse, raised that horse,” said Peterson. “You helped train that horse and now he's on this level it's amazing.”

Peterson’s a part of the Equine Program in the Animal Science Department. The university breeds 20 to 30 foals at its Maine Chance Farm.

Casiguapo, one of the horses the farm produced raced in Saturday’s high stakes race. That purse was for $750,000.

“We’re such a fan base for him. Anything he does we’re so proud,” said Peterson.

Casiguapo didn’t walk away a winner. First place went to Dance With Fate.

Still, Kentucky students are just happy to see Casiguapo back at home.
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