New Kentucky Auto Association Hopes To Boost Growth

New Kentucky Auto Association Hopes To Boost Growth

Governor Beshear announced the start of the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association.
Kentucky has seen a $4 billion increase in its auto industry over the past five years.

That's according to the state.

Governor Beshear said Monday that it's time for Kentucky to capitalize on the growth.

His office announced a new entity in the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association. 

The goal of the group is to work on branding, advocacy, setting up a unified leadership and work force development. 

Key players will include representatives from Ford, General Motors, Toyota and the government.

2013 was a record breaking year for the auto industry in Kentucky. 

The state said it produced more than 11% of trucks and cars in the U.S. 

Kentucky ranked third overall in light vehicle production, and first per capita.

More than 82,000 Kentuckians are currently employed by the automotive industry. 
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