Young Kentucky Olympian Making History

Young Kentucky Olympian Making History

A teen who recently moved to Lexington from New York is making her Olympics debut this year...and making history in the process.
Still barely old enough to drive...and Reed Kessler is already going to the Olympics.
In fact, this 17-year-old is the youngest in history to go for her sport.
The next youngest member of the US team is 36.
Kessler explained in a Skype interview what happened when she found out about her 2012 Olympic debut.

"I just was, like, melting and crying...It was just such an amazing moment that we'd been working for for so many months," she said.
Kessler is a show jumper.
That means she jumps over hurdles while horseback riding.

Murray Kessler, her father, explained just how difficult a task it is.

"So you''re jumping a little house. It's 5 1/2 feet tall, 6 1/2 feet wide...and there may be three in a row. So the danger is to fall," he said.
A danger this four-time national junior jumper champion doesn't mind facing.
And just because she's young doesn't mean she's inexperienced.
Her trainers are also her godparents.

They trained her parents for thirty years...and began training her at a young age, as well.
Which is why they all felt comfortable with entering her in the Olympic trials.

Despite everything, though, the teenager isn't intimidated.
"I wouldn't go if I didn't think that, uh, I had a chance of delivering. I think our team is fantastic and I think we have a real shot at medaling. And that's what I plan to do."

Kessler and the rest of the US Show Jumping team will compete August 4th through 8th.
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