Woodford Humane Society Surviving Tough Times

Woodford Humane Society Surviving Tough Times

Officials say they are able to get 90 percent of their animals adopted every year.
        In a time when many animal shelters are struggling financially the Woodford Humane Society is excelling.

       The no-kill shelter takes in more than a thousand pets every year, of those, about 90% get adopted into permanent homes.

      The Humane Society changed their business model about 20 years ago, disassociating with the local animal control, to allow them more opportunities to get donations and hold more fundraisers as a non-profit organization.

      Society officials say they've also developed a great partnership with local media like ABC 36 and Clear Channel Media who help advertise their animals and any needs the shelter may have.

     If you would like more information on the Woodford Humane Society you can contact them at (859) 873-5491 or click on the link below for their website;

     Woodford Humane Society
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