Why Grow Up?

Why Grow Up?

Cauley-Stein has time for nine, but not for taxes.
Stay or go?

A tough decision for any collegiate basketball player to make when millions of dollars are involved, but even more difficult when you're a potential first round draft pick.

Alex Poythress and Willie Cauley-Stein certainly look like potential pros.  Given time they may even be big-time contributors at the next level.

That's something both guys thought about when considering their futures.

Stay and get better, live the life of luxury in Lexington where they're celebrities...or go pro and risk being a bust even if they get drafted.

What if they aren't good enough...yet?

Growing up may sound like a good idea at times, but for some guys, it's a scary thought.

Cauley-Stein: “You don’t get these years back, so why grow up when you don’t have to. Plus I just like the college life. I like that here everyone knows who I am, that experience is fun.”

Hear from WCS and Poythress in the video.

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