What's Cal's Hope?

What's Cal's Hope?

Cal said this season the media's hope was for UK to fail. So what's Cal's hope for his team as the Cats head to the Final Four?
This season, Coach Cal took a few shots at the media.  Writers, bloggers, anyone and everyone, who said anything negative about his Cats.

"Is it their hope or is it their opinion?" Cal's take on the columns and coverage he doesn't read or see.

In Cal's mind, the "negativity" was not reality, not just an opinion.  It was instead the hope of the media to see the Cats falter.

A collection of talented, heralded freshmen not living up to lofty expectations and buckling under pressure.  It was easy to write negative things.  Easy to write the Cats off.

But what about Cal's hope for this team?  What's his opinion as a players first coach as UK heads to Texas for the Final Four?

That answer in the video.

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