Weather Impacts Estill County Economy

Weather Impacts Estill County Economy

Running low on salt, the county purchased crush limestone as an alternative.

Estill County received a trace of snow.  The price of salt went up so much, the county purchased crushed limestone as an alternative. 

The weather has not been kind to some businesses.

Bright sun helped melt snow on Wednesday.  Florist Francie Snowden took us on an afternoon delivery.

"If it's snowing nobody orders very much, and not very many people expect us to deliver in the bad weather," said Snowden, owner of Ravenna Florist & Greenhouse.

At time it's been impossible for another florist in town to make deliveries.

"I had to say no I cannot make a delivery today, because my helper cannot even come from the house," said Turean Csuen, owner of Floral Design by Nikki.

They're looking forward to spring.
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