Volunteers Cleaning Up Kentucky River

Volunteers Cleaning Up Kentucky River

More than fifty pick up hundreds of pounds of trash at the Clays Ferry Boat Dock.
        On Saturday more than 50 volunteers and workers with the Fayette County Environmental Quality Department took to canoes and boats picking up hundreds of pounds of trash in the Kentucky River.
        Every year the The Kentucky River Authority, in conjunction with the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, hold their annual River Sweep which spans across the Ohio Valley.

        Sweepers paddle around the river picking up trash that floated down the river and taking it back to a garbage truck.

        Everything from boat parts, to chairs, to even a kitchen sink has been recovered from the river.

        The Kentucky River snakes through 12 miles in Fayette County. Much of central Kentucky relies on the river as it's main source of water.

        If you would like to get involved in the cleanup efforts, click on the link below:


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