Versailles Road Traffic Change/Lane Closure

Versailles Road Traffic Change/Lane Closure

Changes Begin Wednesday Night At 8 PM
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With an influx of traffic coming into town for the NCAA Tournament, construction continues on Versailles Road.

As crews work to put down a new surface on Versailles Road, drivers share mixed opinions about how construction's affecting traffic. 

"It's crazy with the trucks in the left lane, and you're trying to get by on the right lane, and it slows you down especially during rush hour.  I'll be ready for them to get the road done," said one driver.

"There were just some lanes closed, but not bad at all.  I was picking up my mother-in-law at the airport, and we got there just fine," said another.

Beginning Wednesday night at 8 PM, traffic from the airport will change.  The right lane on Man O' War from Terminal Drive to Versailles Road will close indefinitely.

Also at 8 PM, construction crews will create a new traffic pattern on Versailles Road.

All the traffic on the Westbound side of the street will be switched to the eastbound side.  Traffic will be going head to head with barrels in between.

"You're still going to have two lanes of traffic open in each direction.  It's just that the lanes will be shifted so that work can be done," said Natasha Lacy, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Lacy expects delays. 

"You need to plan ahead if you're going to come to this area," said Lacy.

She hopes the construction project ends in December. 
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