New Update: Threats Reportedly Target Bardstown Police

New Update: Threats Reportedly Target Bardstown Police

Bardstown Police Receive Death Threats

Mourning the recent killing of a police officer, Bardstown Police now deal with something else: Death threats. 

While police investigate who killed Officer Jason Ellis, the Bardstown Police chief calls the death threats frustrating.

Chief Rick McCubbin says he's treating the threats seriously, but he doesn't think they're legitimate.

"Gut feeling," said McCubbin.

Last Thursday and Friday, the police received a threatening phone call and a letter.  Bardstown Police told State Police, and KSP asked the FBI to analyze the letter.  McCubbin considers the threats a distraction.

"Somebody sitting at home, more than likely half-nuts, and the other half's probably high on drugs, dreaming these things up that we have to focus time and attention to that," said McCubbin.

With a cop killer, or killers on the loose, the mood in Bardstown is hard to describe.

"It's an emptiness in the town.  It's like we had a loved one that's gone, and it's affected everybody here," said Heather Richards. 

She's one of the many people in Bardstown Officer Ellis affected.  She works at The Old Talbott Tavern, and bartends on the weekend.

"He made me feel safe.  Every weekend, you know, it gets a little chaotic sometimes.  I'm sorry, I told myself I wouldn't get teared up, just him coming in here and just checking on us and making sure that we're OK that there's not anybody causing a scene, or disrespecting us," said Richards.

The Old Talbott Tavern plans to hold fundraisers this weekend for the Ellis family.  Friday and Saturday nights from 9-1 there will be live music and a growing number of auction items. 

"I have a list, because they're so many," said Richards.

While we were in Bardstown another business raised $300 for Ellis' family in one hour.  People flocked to buy bracelets commemorating his death.

A business owner says, "In Bardstown we smile a lot, and we take care of our own." 

People will be smiling much wider after police put Elli' killer behind bars. 
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