Update: Third Speedway Robbery In Lexington

Update: Third Speedway Robbery In Lexington

Lexington Police said a man robbed another Speedway today. This is the third Speedway that's been robbed on Saturday.
Lexington Police said a third Speedway has been robbed today.

Officers said this latest robbery was at the store's Tates Creek Road location.

Police are not sure if this one is connected to the two other Speedway robberies. They have said the earlier robberies are connected.

According to officers, a man again handed the clerk a note that said to give him money.

They said when the clerk on Tates Creek Road refused, the man showed a gun. The clerk then gave him money and ran off.

Police are still searching for him.

Original Story:

Lexington Police are searching for a man who they said robbed two Speedway Gas Stations on Saturday.

Officers said the first one happened on Paris Pike this morning.

The second one happened at New Circle Road and Liberty Road according to police.

They said in both cases the man handed a note that demanded money to the clerk.

Police said the suspect is in his 20’s or 30’s; wearing a track suit and had on black gloves and a hat.

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