Update: Hundreds Attend Zimmerman-Martin Town Hall Meeting

Update: Hundreds Attend Zimmerman-Martin Town Hall Meeting

It was standing room only at the Carnegie Center in Downtown Lexington for a forum on the George Zimmerman trial.
Black and white, side by side, expressing their thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial, but also trying to understand it.

The hundreds in attendance all had an opinion on the case and concerns following the verdict that set George Zimmerman free.

Since the verdict came down, thousands have protested and taken to social media, some saying hateful things about Zimmerman and the jurors, including reported death threats.

Some at the town hall say they just wanted to hear an intelligent conversation about the trial.

The discussion all evening was civil as Lexingtonians from all backgrounds came together sharing their thoughts on the case and trying to better understand Kentucky's own self-defense laws.
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