Update: Fayette County Schools Responds To Stalking Arrest

Update: Fayette County Schools Responds To Stalking Arrest

Lexington police said a woman tried to harass and scare another parent and child while they walked to school. Fayette schools said Tuesday that some of what the police report stated is untrue.
Lexington police arrested and charged a middle school parent with stalking Monday.

Juliann Reynolds, 42, was charged with stalking for the incidents that allegedly started in December 2011.

According to court documents, Reynolds said she’s had a problem with the victim and her family since the girl was in kindergarten.

The police report said Reynolds had a history of following the victim, and that the school would lock down the victim's classroom while Reynolds was on the property.

Fayette County Schools reps, however, say that is false. In a statement released Tuesday, they said: "Fayette County Public School officials said that they have handled conflicts between the individuals involved in the past; however, there has never been a need to place a school, or classroom on lockdown in relation to the situation."

Reynolds was arraigned in Fayette District Court Tuesday. She pleaded not guilty.
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