Update: Family Finds Missing Dog Among Rescued Animals

Update: Family Finds Missing Dog Among Rescued Animals

The Woodford Humane Society said at least one happy story came out of an animal cruelty investigation that left dozens of dogs and cats without homes.

We've been reporting on the animals taken from Cheryl Jeffers farm in Woodford County.  Authorities found nearly 20 dead animals, and brought 14 surviving dogs to the Woodford Humane Society. 

When humane societies put a dog up for adoption, usually a new owner takes in the pet, but out of this animal abuse case comes a special reunion for one of those dogs with its original owner.

It's a tail with the happiest of endings.  The Woodford Humane Society says it all started on Monday when it took in 14 dogs including this 5-year-old mixed Beagle.  Staff called him Otis.

"Very thing, but still in wonderful spirits, so with a little extra food and a lot of TLC, I'm sure he'll be back to himself in no time," said Amy Thomas, Woodford Humane Society.

Shelter workers say Otis was living at this farm in Woodford County.  When deputies arrested the woman taking care of the animals-Cheryll Jeffers.  The Humane Society stepped in to help.

Then a surprise twist came.  The Humane Society says a man called them yesterday to say Otis was actually Hershey.  The man reportedly told the shelter he had hired Jeffers to take care of Hershey for two weeks.

"The lady was representing herself as a pet sitter, and they had hired her and paid her to care for their dog for two weeks while they moved across town, during which time she left town, and didn't give the dog back," said Thomas.

Separated for months, the owner told Woodford Humane he thought his dog was gone forever.  Until,

"They heard her name on the news, and gave us a call looking for their animal and luckily he was one of the survivors," said Thomas.

The pair reunited Thursday.

"Everybody was so excited.  They were excited.  We were excited.  It was such a fortunate and happy ending to what was initially a really sad situation," said Thomas.

Woodford Humane has 10 of the dogs seized from Jeffers' farm still available for adoption.

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