UPDATE: Lexington Shooting Victims Identified

UPDATE: Lexington Shooting Victims Identified

Lexington Police records showed that a mother and son were the victims of a shooting Wednesday afternoon on Coburn Boulevard. The suspects were still at-large.
Lexington Police documents showed that the two people who were shot Wednesday afternoon on Coburn Boulevard were a mother and son and that the shooting may have been drug-related.

The shooting victims were identified in documents as Tina Vince, who was shot in the upper torso and her son, Tyler Vince, who was shot in the leg.

Investigators said one of the victims indicated that they may have known the suspects and that a drug deal may have led to the shootings in the townhouse.

Police said two suspects were in the townhouse, one was outside in the yard while a woman waited in a RAV 4 on the street.

Investigators said after the shots were fired inside, the suspect standing outside in the yard jumped into the RAV 4, which sped away.

Police said the two suspects who were inside the townhouse, took off on foot after the shootings.

As of this writing, no one had been arrested.

The investigation continued.
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