UK Prepares for Riots

UK Prepares for Riots

UK braces for riots after National Championship
    All eyes are on UK's campus Monday night, after Saturday night's celebrations turned violent.
     There were dozens of fires, flipped cars, more than thirty arrests and even several injuries after Kentucky's Final Four win over Louisville.
     Thousands of people packed the streets around campus this past weekend and police expect even bigger crowds Monday night.  They're urging Solid Blue fans to celebrate responsibility.
     "We're asking people to take action, look out for your own safety, and if a situation becomes potentially dangerous, remove yourself," says Lexington Police Commander Kelly Edwards.
     "Celebrate, but don't be setting any things on fire. When you start setting a small couch fire, it encourages the bigger and worse behavior," explains Major Mark Blankenship.

       UK President Eli Capilouto also put out a statement, saying, among other things,"don't be stupid."
     But, the threat of jail time, fines and suspension or expulsion from school doesn't stop some people.
     And there may be a reason behind it.

     "What we find in psychological studies, is that when people are in these large groups, that they would normally do things that they wouldn't do on their own and I think we saw examples of that in response to the Final Four win.  People were engaging in behaviors that they normally wouldn't just because or one reason is because they were in a large group with other people," says UK Associate Professor of Psychology Nathan DeWall.

     And many hope their fellow Solid Blue fans will celebrate in a safe and responsible manner.

     "Hopefully, we keep it responsible, within the rules and don't break too many.  But, I don't know, we'll see how it goes," says Kayla Hall.

     "I hope UK wins, first of all, and I just want us all to have a good time, have a good time, celebrate, because we're going to be champions 2012 baby," comments Ashley Clark.
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