UK Issues Alert After Reports Of Female Students Being Drugged At Parties

UK Issues Alert After Reports Of Female Students Being Drugged At Parties

The University of Kentucky issued an alert Friday after several female students claimed to have been drugged at two off-campus parties.
University of Kentucky officials have said numerous female students are convinced something is being slipped into their drinks while they're attending off-campus parties.

Officials said they've received multiple reports from students who attended two different parties in the past two weeks.

One student said she felt very tired and like she had been "drugged" after drinking at a party on Dantzler Court. She said she couldn't remember much of the night afterwards.

A student at the other party on University Avenue reported feeling the same way after drinking, and added that she noticed her drink had a strange taste and saw what looked like a dissolving pill in the cup.

In response, UK Police have issued the following guidelines when attending parties...

• Drink responsibly.

• Do not leave your drink unattended.

• Know your drinking limits.

• Don’t accept a drink unless you are 100 percent sure of its contents.

• Only those of legal age should consume alcoholic beverages.

In addition, students should look for these signs if they think they may have been drugged:

• Drink is foggy and/or there is a slight change in color or taste.

• You feel more intoxicated than you should, considering how many drinks you may have had.

• You feel dizzy or light-headed.

• You suddenly become sleepy.

• You experience a significant loss of coordination.

• You experience hallucinations.
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