UK License Plate Maker Loses Biz. in Fire

UK License Plate Maker Loses Biz. in Fire

The maker of many of the popular decorative front license plates lost his entire business in a Friday morning fire outside of Paris
     Chuck Frysinger will have start over with his business CWP Products.

      Frysinger is one of Kentucky's largest producers of the popular decorative license plates, but lost his entire shop in an early morning fire Friday morning.

     Frysinger says he was in the shop working when one of his laser sketchers caught fire. He says in a couple of minutes the entire building was up in flames.

     Frysinger expects it will be a couple of weeks before he can replace the equipment, but says he has ten of thousands of dollars in orders waiting.

     CWP Products makes about 150 thousand of the license plates a year.

     Frysinger says he's probably the state's largest buyer of the mirrored acrylic metal, which is used to make the plates.
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