UK Beefing Up Security On Campus With Surveillance Cameras

UK Beefing Up Security On Campus With Surveillance Cameras

The University will add more than 500 Security Cameras, and track who goes into some buildings after hours

The debate over safety versus privacy comes to the University of Kentucky campus. 

UK Police beef up security adding more than 500 surveillance cameras on campus. 

The students we spoke with welcome the cameras.  Female students say they don't feel safe at night.

"It's kind of scary.  There's always sometimes creepiness going on, and you just don't want to be alone ever, so security procedures beefed up would definitely be a good thing," said Anna Simon, a UK Sophomore.

"I'm just constantly kind of just looking around making sure everything's OK.  I have my phone on, pepper spray ready, I just want to make sure I know my surroundings," said Jessica Rallo, a UK Sophomore.

UK already has about 500 cameras near the hospital.  The new cameras will bring the total across campus to more than 1,000.

"it's going to enhance safety tremendously," said UK Police Chief Joe Monroe.

Monroe says nobody will monitor the cameras live.  Monroe says they will only review the footage after somebody reports a crime.

"Whatever they need to use just as long as they use it for the right purposes, I don't have a problem with it," said Boone Proffitt, a UK Freshman.

Students, faculty, and staff will also need ID cards to enter some buildings after hours.  Police will store the data of who goes where, and also the video footage.  Monroe would not say how long it will stay in the system.

"We will be following the state policy on camera, video retention and storage," said Monroe.

We asked him what state policy is.

"I'm not going to go into specifics on it," said Monroe.

The ACLU of Kentucky says this information could be misused, so it's important to know who will have access to it, and how long it will be kept.  Students we spoke with did not echo those concerns.

"I would say this is probably better for the campus all the way around," said Jared Brown, a UK Freshman.

The enhancements will arrive in phases, with some of the cameras already in place.  Monroe says the project costs around $5 million. 
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