Two Men Charged With Richmond Couple's Murder

Two Men Charged With Richmond Couple's Murder

Two men are charged with Richmond couple's kidnapping and murder.
  The last time anyone saw or spoke to Sonsaray Warford and Charles Walker was June 2010.  That's when the boyfriend and girlfriend disappeared without a trace from their Richmond home, leaving behind lots of questions.  And the couple's family and friends never stopped searching for answers.  They held candlelight vigils, wore ribbons, made t-shirts, buttons, posters with the message "We'lll never give up."  But now, those loved ones have given up looking for the couple after their remains were found in Madison County Monday.

     "Now, at least, we don't have to assume, so we have peace in that.  Just sad, because the reality of acceptance now as we have to accept that she is not here anymore," says Warford's aunt Brenda Douglas.

     "I've had my ups and downs today.  I know its going to be more and more because it's over in a sense but it's just starting," explains Warford's father Gregory Todd.

     26-year-old Daniel Keene and 27-year-old Matthew Denholm are charged with the couple's kidnapping and murder.  Keene is a junior physics major at Eastern Kentucky University while Denholm is already in jail, accused of a double shooting last fall that left a Berea College student dead. 

     Investigators won't say where the bodies were found and they won't officially confirm their identities until the autopsies are completed.  Family members say they don't know how the victims knew the men accused of killing them.  Keene confessed to kidnapping Warford and Walker from their Keystone Drive apartment in June 2010 and then murdering them with an accomplice somewhere in Madison County, according to the Richmond Register.  Investigators say more arrests are likely. 

     Warford's family wants justice.

     "I want the law to just deal with them as they see fit in this situation.  And, we don't want to see anything happen that will cause anybody who is guilty to get away.  We want them to pay," comments Douglas.

         And the vicitms' families are turning to each other and their faith in these trying times.

     "Just as long as we continue to believe and have faith in our God, we can get through anything," says Todd.

     Both Denholm and Keene are behind bars at the Madison County Detention Center.
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