Time Change: Change Your Batteries!

Time Change: Change Your Batteries!

Changing your clocks for Daylight Saving Time should bring to mind another important change in your home, one that could save your life.
Fire safety should be on everyone's mind this week as we inch closer to spring.

The beginning of Daylight Saving Time isn't just a time to reset your clocks, it's also time to change your smoke detector batteries.

Working smoke detectors can mean the difference between life and death.

"In the United States, two-thirds of deaths that occur in house fires are from non-operational smoke alarms or people that don't have them at all," Lexington Firefighter Kyle Branham said.

Experts say a fire doubles in size every 30-seconds and the sound of an alarm will give you and your family extra time to get out of your home.

Fire officials in Lexington say a shocking number of people won't have those extra seconds if disaster strikes.

"We found while that most homes have a smoke detector, we found that as many 50- to 60-percent of those detectors do not function," Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Marshall Griggs said. "They don't function because either have no battery, or the battery is dead."

But Lexington firefighters want to help. As a part of a federal grant, they'll come to your house and install smoke detectors, free of charge.

"If you're older than 50 and/or you have someone disabled in the home, we're able to go out, install new working detectors and potentially save lives," Branham said.

It's as simple as a phone call and that beep from a smoke detector, could save your life.

"We can replace a house, that's all material stuff," Branham said. "[When there's a fire] we just want to make sure people get out of the homes."


For more information about getting a free smoke detector installed in Lexington, or Fayette County, contact the Lexington Fire Department of Community Services, by phone: 859-231-5668 or online here.

If you live outside of Fayette County, contact your local city or county fire department, on their non-emergency number, to see if they participate. 
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